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Moonie Music, was born in Gastonia, North Carolina, a small city outside of Charlotte. Moonie grew up in a household with his mother, father, and three brothers. He was raised by parents who worked hard to provide what little they did have. Despite having both parents in the home his process to manhood was far from easy. He spent most of his latter teenage years in and out of jail and embracing a thug lifestyle. Being from Gastonia, a city known for having immense amounts of talent but no opportunity caused Moonie to struggle to see pass the harsh realities that were taking place all around him. Growing up with a family extremely effected by drug abuse and alcoholism, you would think that Moonie was predestined for failure. "when I looked around I saw either those who dealt the drugs or the ones who were on em and to me  those were your choices"

Looking around him he saw those who either slaved at jobs for little to nothing or those who broke the laws to get ahead. However, even as a small kid Moonie took fate into his own hands and began his quest into prominence. While sneaking on his brothers  karaoke machine with out permission, his older brother discovered that Moonie’s lyrical talents were far from mundane his flow and rhyme patterns were well beyond his age, at just eight years old Moonie had discovered his calling. He begin to see right away that Hip Hop was his way out the struggle and became determined to do whatever it took to make it happen.